After care

  • Leave bandage on overnight or at least 2hrs. Take off the following morning and wash it with warm water and Dial anti-bacterial soap. Blot dry.
  • Let it air dry for 5 minutes.
  • Apply -- Tattoo Goo, (which I carry 21g for $10) or as an alternative, Palmers Cocoa Butter (wax) or Auqaphor-- 3-5 times a day for the next week or two; thin coats.
  • You can switch to Cocoa Butter lotion as soon as its done pealing, usually after the first week.
***The worst thing for a healing tattoo is water.*** Avoid submerging a fresh tattoo. Also avoid direct sunlight, tight clothing, dirt/dirty hands, and never pick at a healing tattoo. A tattoo may look healed within the first couple weeks, but usually takes a month to be fully healed. A tattoo is like a wound, it needs to breathe, so never re-bandage it. When it starts the healing phase, don’t scratch but slap your tattoo to relieve any itchy sensation. These are my procedures on how to care for your new tattoo as it has worked for me. Every artist has their own unique way, so in no way is mine the only procedure. Note: Lotions containing petroleum and lanolin do have the reputation to suffocate your tattoo & pull ink from the skin.

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